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Here are links to our four studio tunes, also on iTunes. Released 11/07/13. These songs are on there for GOD’s glory, so check `em out! Thx!

A Friend Named Jesus

Amazing Grace

Walk With Me


This site has has our newest recording “Gotta Serve Somebody” from the December 2018 Mission Gate Prison Ministry Christmas Party. The four studio cuts are there. Also hear our arrangements of “Walk With Me,’ “All About You,” “How Great Is Our God Medley,” “All Who Are Thirsty,” and “Amazing Grace” played live at Harvest Bible Chapel, Cicero’s, the E. Desmond Lee Concert Hall, 560 Music Center at the Delmar Loop, and Kiener Plaza Downtown St. Louis.


On Facebook there are some live videos of Friends of Jesus at the 2019 Pietown Gospel Musicfest in Alton featuring recording artist Cedric Shannon-Reaves. He really is anointed so check it out! Enter into the worship on “How He Loves Us” with Melissa Bell and stick around for the flow of the Spirit with Cedric.


Here’s our newest video done in December 2015 for Christmas in the studio of New Life Evangelistic Center. “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” Check it out!



Another video: “The Presence of the Lord Is Here” with original “Pentecost Jam”! Help on vocals from Adam Krock and Jackie Morris, and a surprise appearance by Mynista! Ascending Glory Cafe, March 13, 2011. Video courtesy of Sonlight Productions. On their Youtube page and also Ascending Glory Cafe Facebook page. This song is a work-in-process, but the cook got saved! Glory be to GOD!!!


“Open The Eyes Of My Heart” – Live Video @ Ascending Glory Cafe – On Robert Terrell’s Facebook posted November 11, 2010. (You may need to log in Facebook first then go to Robert Terrell’s page):


Various songs and prayer service at the May 5, 2011 National Day of Prayer event at downtown City Hall. It’s in several segments on Ustream, courtesy of Sonlight Productions Christian sound & video professionals.


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