On our Home page, too, here are links to our four studio tunes, also on iTunes. Song release date is November 7, 2013. These songs are on there for GOD’s glory, so check `em out! Thx!

A Friend Named Jesus

Amazing Grace

Walk With Me


Here’s a cross-link to a site from “Look & Listen” that will give you access to our recorded studio and live music:


Mission Gate Prison Ministry ministers to those in jail and provides aftercare for them when they get out. A vibrant prison ministry. Founder Rick Mathes is the best. Check it out! Christian volunteers are always welcome.

Here’s the website of Author & Evangelist Jack Alan Levine. A Spirit-filled Jewish believer who leads many to Christ!

Oooohh, here’s a great Church!

Here’s the worship-filled home church of lead vocalist Sonya Taylor, pastored by her husband Kris. Sonya leads worship at Freedom Church.

Straight Gate Ministries is led by guitarist/keyboardist Landis Fisher. He is also Pastor of St. Timothy’s Missionary Baptist Church. I met Landis at a Mission Gate Prison Ministry where we preached together ay the Medium security Institution on Hall Street in St. Louis, MO. Visit this site:

Lead Guitarist and Fiddle player (and all things strings — and more!) Art Ruprecht has songs on the Smooth Jazz and Indie charts from his “Cast Your care album. Art and his lovely wife Nancy on vocals form a great duo that bless many from young to old.

Evangelist Steve & Gwendolyn Corgan’s ministry to the Spanish-speaking world, especially in Central America. Many get saved! Check out their website. Gwen also plays flute, sax, tambourine, and has sung some backup vocals with Friends Of Jesus, and her joy for the LORD is contagious!

Guitarist John Scott’s Christian DJ business.

The Gospel message by our own Landis Fisher to top off our concert at Kiener Plaza on August 4, 2007. On stage. Check it out. Click Videos then go to the bottom of the page.

A premier Bible Search website. This is where I go to find the chapter & verse of a passage.

Here’s a good Bible study program with lots of good tools.

This link lets you compare different translations and versions of the Bible to enhance your study of God’s Holy Word. Has an excellent library of information.

Vertical Fellowship, a good Church at 17795 Wild Horse Creek Rd., Chesterfield, MO 63006.

Stay tuned for more fun links….

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