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Friends Of Jesus Band Members & Ministry Partners

  • Lead Vocals: Pam Camp (Inducted in the Fort Smith, Arkansas Hall of Fame)
  • Lead Vocals: Greg Rutherford
  • Lead Vocals: Antoinette Rutherford
  • Lead Vocals: Nancy Ruprecht
  • Guitars, Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals: Art Ruprecht (Heard on “Weather Channel”, “Muzak”, and FlameProductions.net; new 2018 album is “Cast Your Care” with tunes on the Indie and Smooth Jazz charts.)
  • Keys: Jaron Simon
  • Keys, Ac. Guitar, & Backup Vocals: Kit West
  • Ac. Guitar & Backup Vocals: Mark Briggs
  • Bass: Toby Trentadue¬†
  • Drums & Percussion: Vic Venezia

Other Special Friends

(in alphabetical order)

  • Sponsor: Anonymous Sponsor
  • Lead Vocals: Melissa Bell
  • Keyboards: Stephen Paul Bradshaw
  • Vocals: Cheryl Bohlen
  • Vocals: Michelle Burnam-Smith
  • Guitars: Jimmy Callahan
  • Vocals: Regina Chapman-Evans
  • Guitars: Andy Claar
  • Guitars: Steve Colter
  • Recorder (“Flute”), Sax, Tambourine, Backup Vocals: Gwen Corgan
  • Vocals: Annie Custer
  • Vocals: Reggie Davis
  • Keyboards: Mark DeLorenzo
  • Guitars: John Doll
  • Vocals: Donald Douglas (“Sounds Of Unlimited Love” ministry)
  • Violin: Marilyn Ellington (Played with StL Symphony 5 years)
  • Guitars & Keyboards: Landis Fisher
  • Sound: Frank Gagliano (Mama’s Pride Keyboard Player; went home to the Lord Jesus)
  • Acoustic Guitar, Vocals: Chris Galloway (Several Top 10 records in Great Britain)
  • Guitars: Tom Gerke
  • Backup Vocals: Evette Guthrie
  • Keyboards: Michael Harvey II
  • Sound Production: Larry Jost (Sound Engineer at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church in St. Louis)
  • Sound: Michael Liss (and excellent bass player!)
  • Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitars: Timothy McGimpsey
  • Guitars: Randy Miller
  • Vocals: Jackie Morris (Went home to the Lord Jesus)
  • Vocals: Jeff Mungle (Worship leader at Influence Church)
  • Vocals: Tammy Mungle (Worship leader at Influence Church)
  • Lead Vocals: Joy Nance-Johnson (One of the best gospel singers in the St. Louis area)
  • Vocals: Cory Queen
  • Backup Vocals, Violin, Keys: Michelle Quigley
  • Guitars, Sax, Vocals: John Scott
  • Bass: Barry Seigel
  • Vocals & Worship Leader Extraordinaire: Cedric Shannon-Rives
  • Keyboards: Rod “LS” Smith
  • Guitars: “Mr. Ed” Starrett (bandleader of Soul Cafe)
  • Guitars: Terrance Stevenson
  • Acoustic Guitar, Vocals: Trevor Stinson
  • Vocals: Sonya Taylor (Co-pastors and leads worship at Freedom Church and sings with Tender Heart)
  • Bass: Robert Terrell (Went home to the Lord Jesus)
  • PA & Sound: Richard Thrasher (of T2 Connections: Audio engineering for nonprofits)
  • Logistical Support: Dennis Venezia
  • Logistical Support: Jaime Venezia
  • Logistical Support: Sherrie Venezia
  • Guitars: Joe Vogt III
  • Vocals: Eric Warren (Pastors a Church and also sings with Tender Heart)

“Once a Friend of Jesus, Always a Friend of Jesus”

There are many other Friends of Jesus who have ministered with us, are part of our ministry network, and are too numerous to mention; on stage and behind the scenes, whether they be singers, players, sidemen, soundmen, promoters, sponsors, or prayer warriors! Thanks, and praise be to God! 1 Corinthians 15:58.

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